Precautions to take while using Cell Phones

Mobile / Cell phones have really changed the way of communications. 

As of today it is not possible to stop using cell phone but we have to avoid using this in certain areas or else you will face problems in future.

Cell phones communicate using signals in the microwave spectrum. Experts already announced that cell phone can possibly cause cancer. There is also potential to impact memory functions and dizziness.

Here few areas where you have to avoid/restrict using cell phones:

  • Do not allow children to use a cell phone. The developing organs of child are sensitive which will effect due to radiation exposure.

  • Try to keep cell phone away from your body while communicating. It’s better to use speaker or wired headset to lower phone radiation exposure to the brain.

  • Avoid using cell phone in public areas. It helps to limit Radiation exposure to others.
  • Avoid carrying on your body all time. Do not keep cell phone near to your body at night time  such as under the pillow or on a bedside table, particularly if pregnant. You can also put it on “flight” mode, which stops EMF radiation.


  • Don’t keep your cell phone in your pocket which will significantly increase exposure to EMF radiation. Start carrying your cell phones in hand bag / back pack.


  • Avoid using while signal weak or moving high speed. During weak signals cell phones will attempt to connect new antenna resulting high radiation exposure.

  • Please avoid answering phone calls while charging. It is dangerous due to increased radiation and potential explosion. Always use original chargers for your Cell Phones.

  • Keep conversations short.  Make your voice conversations short to reduce cell phone radiation exposure.
  • Choose device with lowest SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). The guidelines created a measure of the rate that body tissue absorbs radiation during cell phone use called the specific absorption rate (SAR). The SAR for cell phone radiation was set at a maximum of 1.6 watts of energy absorbed per kilogram of body weight. The limit was set due to the thermal effects of cell phone radiation (all RF radiation can heat human body tissue at high enough levels) – it was not set to mitigate other biological effects cell phone radiation might have such as DNA damage or cancer.

You can check Radiation level in terms of SAR of your smartphone by dialing a USSD code*#07#, if results                 shows SAR below 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg) then it is OK otherwise you are advised to change your               smartphone immediately.

Face The Problem Don’t Run Away Through Suicide

Suicide has turned out to be the most common thing nowadays. Failed in an exam – suicide. Girl/Boy friend said no to the proposal- suicide. Financial pressure – Suicide. Teacher/parent scolded- suicide.

These have become the most common news in today’s life. Is it that easy to end life? According to me, that’s the most difficult thing a human can do. While someone can dare to do such a difficult thing, why can’t they face situations and fight them? I don’t understand how ending life becomes a solution to any problem. I have come across many people personally and also through news and media saying or claiming “I tried to commit suicide / taking this step because I can’t face the problems” and many also state that “this is the only way to solve the problem”. The point I never understood is “How come SUICIDE become the ultimate solution to any problem”?

Suicide is NOT A SOLUTION to any sort of a problem a human can face. It is purely a way to RUN AWAY from problems. And running away from the problem makes it more complicated than it already is. The only way to clear the problem is to face it.

The most precious gift every living human on earth has is “sound of LUB-DUB“. Yes, the sound of your heartbeat. It indicates that you are alive. And why anyone wants to lose such a precious gift. We go crazy for the things we have with us be it be a small toy from childhood or be a dream bike. When we cross many ethical boundaries and fight for such materialistic things, then why should anyone give up their fight for most precious thing one has – “LIFE”.

I know saying things are much easier than doing them in real. But, is it not that worth to struggle to lead your life happily? Of course, for living fighting is worth, how harder and tougher it may be. The “LUB-DUB” sound is your treasure box. To save it from pirate called PROBLEMS, you have to fight every second and the fight is worth full. Animals fight for their lives until the last moment even when they don’t have the capability of thinking and making decisions. Then being human and having the capability to think, analyze, and decide. Why take such foolish steps?

Happiness lies in your perspective of viewing. For me, I am the happiest and content when I am able to sleep without any disturbance, tensions, thoughts and all – a complete sound sleep. Even a surprise gift or a blank check wouldn’t give me that level of happiness and content which a sound sleep can. If a person tries, one can find their happiness within them even when their brain gets stuck in the web of problems finding ways to get out.

Counseling can help

If you feel you are going into that path, don’t hesitate to share your feelings with someone, they may be strangers who are ready to listen or your close ones who understands you completely. Sometimes talking about the things out loud helps you to see them from a different perspective. If you are not ready to share, at least try to speak about them in front of a mirror. Taking help will never make you low. Every person needs help at some point in life. Even after a lot of effort from your side if you fail to suppress the suicidal feeling, please do consider taking help of psychologists/counselors. It is not a crime or a wrong thing to attend counseling.

Simple Safe Banking precautions for daily life

With all the debit and credit cards, online transactions etc., bank transactions have become part of everyday life. These services have created easy banking facilities along with the risk of cyber-crime. In such conditions, it is must for all to know safe baking tips which will reduce the risk of frauds and loses.

Precautions while using  Banking services:

  • While opening a bank account provide the right information
  • People who are staying in a rented house, make sure that you have to update your new address when you are shifting house
  • If you gonna change your mobile number which is linked to your bank account, update your new mobile number to your bank account
  • Never lose your account pass book/ cheque book
  • Don’t carry huge amounts by hand while going for bank transactions
  • Signature is the main thing which you have to maintain for transactions so choose the right one in a way it should be simple for you and typical for someone who wanna do forgery
  • No bank will call and ask you to provide your account details. So if anyone calls you saying that we are calling from bank to check your account details don’t provide any kind of information. In this case you please inform them that you will provide details by directly visiting the bank
  • Don’t believe Phone calls/emails seeking your account information saying that you have won some lottery
  • Don’t do any kind of account transactions with strangers
  • Monitor your things regularly

Precautions while using  Cheques:

  • Keep data recorded for all your cheque leaves while issuing to someone
  • When you are going to issue a cheque to someone, cross check your cheque before giving it
  • Always write the complete name of person or company
  • Amount written in numerical details and words need to match perfectly ( make sure you start writing from the extreme left in the given column and end with only in words and by a slash in numerics)
  • Never ever issue a blank cheque to anyone
  • Don’t sign your cheques without writing information
  • It’s better to provide account payee cheque instead of cash cheque

Precautions while using Automated Teller Machine (ATM):

  • Remember your pin
  • Don’t write your pin on your card/card pouch
  • Never disclose your pin to anyone
  • Change your pin regularly
  • Don’t allow strangers to perform your transactions at ATM
  • Don’t use ATM at night time in remote areas
  • Always stand closer to ATM when you are performing some transactions
  • If you are taking the receipt from ATM, shred before throwing it
  • After collecting cash from ATM check amount inside the cabin
  • Cancel your transaction page before leaving ATM
  • Link your mobile for ATM transactions
  • Report to your bank immediately if you lose ATM card
  • Make sure you have taken your card while leaving ATM

Precautions while using Online Banking Services:

  • Remember your username and password
  • Don’t disclose your password to anyone
  • Never save your username and password in your Computer / Mobile
  • Don’t use Internet Banking Services in Internet Cafe / Public places / Offices / Schools
  • Avoid using Internet Banking in others Computers / Mobiles
  • Check your URL whether it is http:// or https:// (https – hypertext transfer protocol secure)
  • Please use antivirus software in your PC
  • Keep your software up to date
  • Update your apps when you are using it in mobile
  • When you are performing online transactions check whether the website is trusted or not
  • Create a strong password everytime
  • Keep changing your passwords regularly
  • Link your mobile number and email for all online transactions
  • Monitor your account regularly
  • Don’t disclose your OTP to anyone
  • Please logout from your session after completing your transactions and close the browser
  • Don’t perform online transactions with strangers
  • If you feel anything wrong in your transactions, please contact your bank immediately
  • Contact your bank if you forgotten your password/username
  • Never save your Internet Banking Details in any websites

Tips to secure your homes from burglars

Here are the few tips to protect your homes from burglars

  • Lock

    Make sure you are locking all the doors and windows while you are going out for a long or short time. Don’t neglect doors locks or windows even when you are going to neighbour’s home.

  • Check the odd ones

    Always identify odd people or vehicles near your surroundings. Observe their actions and report to police if necessary.

  • Dog sign

    Try to adopt a dog or at least try to provide a poster on your gate ” Be aware of  dogs” so that it indulges a sense of fear in stalkers.

  • Neighbours 

    When you are planning to go out for vacations request your neighbors to look after your home and ask them to report you in unsafe conditions.

  • Don’t Advertise

    Don’t advertise your activities/things. Also when wearing ornaments try to cover them as much as possible because you will be targeted by burglars. It is advisable to cover  accessories  when shifting the house.

  • Gardening

    If you have garden around your home it’s better you do proper gardening or else burglars can easily hide where no one can spot them.

  • Lockers 

    It’s better if you maintain proper lockers at home to store valuables / cash. Also you can use bank locker facilities for the same.

  • Documents

    Sensitive Documents / Legal  Documents / certificates should not be left outside when you are going out for long term or short term vacations. Store them in  a proper place where no one can reach.

  • Extra/Spare Keys

    Don’t leave spare keys outside. Hide them in a right place. Remember, never put any identifying information on house keys. If you lose them, and someone else finds them, it would be fairly easy to trace them back to your home and break in. ­

  • Key Duplicates

    Prevent unauthorized key duplicates. It helps burglars to get a right key.

  • Change locks

    Tenants are highly recommended to change locks when occupying the house. There is no guarantee that old tenant have no keys for the lock provided by owner.

  • Glass Doors/Windows

    One can easily break into some glass doors/windows by simply breaking. It’s harder to secure them. They can be an inviting entry for burglars.

  • Lock Cars

    Every time when you parked your car ensure you have locked and no valuables like cash/laptops/mobiles/tablets left in car.

  • Housemaid

    You have to observe Housemaid/Driver/Watch Man activities properly.  As they have confidential information which can be highly useful for burglars.

  • Social Media

    Don’t share your vacation details through social media as it will be very easier for burglars to maintain information.

  • Penthouse /Stores/Garage

    Everyone has to give high prior to secure their Penthouse /Stores/Garage which is the main source for burglars.

Alarm Systems, Motion Detective Sensors, CCTV, Video Door Phone Monitoring System can reduce chances for burglars.

Renovation works should be done on right time without any delays.

Internet and its influence on human life

In present time, Internet is the fastest growing technology by  its functions.

Internet has become the simplest and fastest source of information to many people at home, school and work.

Social media and mobile technology are the two innovations that have changed the way of using internet.

As per global media statistics June 2017, 51% (3.8 billion users)of the world’s population has internet access. 39% (2.9 billion users) of the world’s population uses social media. 66%(4.96 billion users) of the world’s population are mobile users.

Statistics clearly shows use of internet through mobile phones is higher in percentage of users.Social media is playing a vital role in this.

What is social media?? – It enables users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

How social media helping kids??

  • Social networks helps kids to get exposure towards important issues and people from all over the world.
  • It is also helpful in building relationships and strengthening their friendships.
  • Allows to do online learning, access to news and make online discussions.
  • Freedom of expression to share their views, thoughts.
  • To build knowledge in various concepts / technologies.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Gives them a chance to show case their knowledge and talent without any inhibitions and fears to the world.

How to keep your kids safe on internet?

  • Parents have to monitor their children activities on internet. Be aware of what your kids are doing online. Ask them to teach you if you don’t know what they are doing.
  • Parents have to maintain friendly relation with their children which will help them to share everything with parents.
  • Make kids learn that not to share any kind of personal or family information.
  • Ask them to to keep their password confidential.
  • Never allow children to make online transaction all by themselves . Parents/ guardians have to do the transactions after verifying the site.
  • Any junk or spam emails to be reported to you.
  • Make them understand that whatever they are watching online is not 100% real. Kids have lots of enthusiasm to experiment with the things which they have seen. So, in this aspect you have to be careful.
Finally what i can say is:
  • Allow kids to use internet only for a limited time which will prevent them to get addicted to it.
  • Help and monitor them in all the ways.
  • Never allow your kids to use internet without proper monitoring.
  • Engage them in physical activities to reduce their internet usage time.
  • Working parents should see that they spend enough time with their kids irrespective of their busy schedules. They have to plan outings on regular basis.

Safe tips for other Men and Women?

Men it’s your time to decide whether life with wife or wifi??😀

Keep waiting soon going to update!

Father’s Day special: Is it important to celebrate?

As children every kid looks up to their parents to learn major behavioral and life lessons. Even though it’s a mother who stays close to the kids than a father, kids tend to look up to their father in many aspects.  As a kid they consider their father to be their super hero. For a girl, he is her first love and she always looks or someone who is similar to her dad in all the ways. For a boy, he is his hero like whom he wants to be like when grown up.

While the entire world is busy celebrating father’s day in their own style, some people still debate on these celebrations. I agree one doesn’t require a special day to tell parents how much they love their parents. But in this world of rotational shifts in work, do we get enough time to spend with family. Leave family, can one have time for himself. In this lifestyle, is it that bad to take out a day every year and dedicate it completely for them?

Being as lazy as we humans are, we have this extreme talent of postponement of works. If at all there’s no specific day determined such as father’s day, mother’s day, grandparent’s day etc., how many of us will at least think of taking them out just to spend some time with them? Answer to this question is very well known to every one of us. Despite of these special days, many of us fail to spend time with family. Leave about spending time, many of us fail to talk to them on regularly.

To pass on love, affection and culture to upcoming generations, one needs to show them towards past generations. Present becomes perfect when one known how to balance past and future equally.

On this father’s day, let’s start making difference with small steps towards better relationships and better society.

A Big shout out to all the fathers who are in the process of making the future brighter.



Electricity is one of the most important blessings that science has given to mankind. It has also become a part of modern life and one cannot think of a world without it. Electricity has many uses in our day to day life. It is used for lighting rooms, working fans and domestic appliances like using electric stoves, A/C and more. All these provide comfort to people. In factories, large machines are worked with the help of electricity. Essential items like food, cloth, paper and many other things are the product of electricity.

Modern means of transportation and communication have been revolutionised by it. Electric trains and battery cars are quick means of travel. Electricity also provides means of amusement, radio, television and cinema, which are the most popular forms of entertainment are the result of electricity. Modern equipment like computers and robots have also been developed because of electricity. Electricity plays a pivotal role in the fields of medicines and surgery too — such as X-ray, ECG. The use of electricity is increasing day by day.

How to Save Electricity at Office?

  • Switch off the lights  which were not required
  • Remove excess lighting in areas that are too bright
  • Remember to turn-off all electronic equipment’s before you are leaving office
  • Make sure that you Unplugged the Mobile Phones / Laptops charger when they are not in use
  • Switch off the AC in offices, meeting rooms, etc. right after use

How to Save Electricity at Home?


  • Switch off the Fan when AC is running.
  • Clean Fan Regularly


  • Lighting in the home typically accounts for 10 – 15% of electricity usage. The use of low energy lamps can provide significant electricity savings. Low energy lamps are miniature fluorescent tubes, which are designed to replace ordinary light bulbs.
  • They are made in a variety of shapes, sizes and ratings so they should be
    selected to suit the fitting and the space available.
  • A low energy lamp uses about a fifth of the electricity of an equivalent
    ordinary light bulb which means they can save electricity.

Water Heater:

  • Choose the right size of water heater for your family
  • Switch off the water heater after use
  • Switch on the water heater a short while before use


  • Place your fridge or freezer in a cool place, away from cookers or heaters
  • For best operation, position your fridge so that air can circulate around the heat exchanger at the back
  • Do not leave a fridge or freezer door open for longer than necessary
  • Allow any cooked food to cool before putting it in the fridge or freezer

Washing Machine:

  • Ensure you have a full load before using your washing machine. If this is impractical, use the half loads or economy programme
  • Use a minimum temperature (40C) wash and economy programmes whenever possible


  • Iron your clothes while they are still slightly damp
  • Steam irons use more power than dry ones
  • Ensure the iron is switched off as soon as you finish ironing.


  • You will save electricity if you avoid leaving your equipment left on in standby
    mode.  If nobody is watching TV, turn it off. Don’t use it as a source of background music.


Save girls

Save girl child is a motto that we should all take to heart. Girls are currently at risk from a variety of ills in the world. It is crucial to take action to help them. Female  literacy rates are lower than male literacy rates. This situation limits the number and type of opportunities that girls can take advantage of.

In addition, girls are at risk from gendered problems such as child marriage, domestic violence and sexist stigmas that see women and girls as inferior to men and boys.

Andarban: deep forest trek in karnataka

Andarban Trek

This is a deep forest trek situated 75 Kms away from Pune, Maharastra. As the monsoon has touched the country, its the best time to visit this place.  The trek starts from a valley point which is called independence point and ends at Bhira Dam.

one can thoroughly this deep forest trek during monsoon only. As the forest turns green and lively with all the running water falls and greenery. Before going to this trek one must take care of the following points.

Must know points-

  • One should be prepared to walk about 15kms of path which is full of elevations.
  • One should carry sufficient water(should last a tleast for two hours into trek, after that can be refilled near waterfalls if you go in monsoon) and snacks as they cant find anything in forest. 
  • For first time trekkers, trek shoes are must as there are routes where normal slippers/sandals can make you loose your grip.
  • If you are going during monsoon, never forget to make sure you have packed your jackets.
  • If you are planning on going out by your own with out any guide, make sure you have proper map facilities(don’t depend on mobile as there wont be network)
  • Start early so that before its too dark you can complete your trek or else it would be difficult to complete as deciding the routes becomes hard in darkness.
  • One can find many marks during the first half of the trek part, but there are very less marks in the second half, (after crossing the village) hence proper knowledge on the routes is must.
  • One wrong selection of path may lead you to get lost in the forest and once you lost the route tracing out the correct one becomes much harder.
  • Having one person who knows local language would be beneficial.

 Trek level: Beginner

Difficulty: 0%

Attraction points:

Nature, valleys, waterfalls, dam, flora


To more information on this trip you can refer the following sites:

Andharban Trek