Tips to secure your homes from burglars

Here are the few tips to protect your homes from burglars

  • Lock

    Make sure you are locking all the doors and windows while you are going out for a long or short time. Don’t neglect doors locks or windows even when you are going to neighbour’s home.

  • Check the odd ones

    Always identify odd people or vehicles near your surroundings. Observe their actions and report to police if necessary.

  • Dog sign

    Try to adopt a dog or at least try to provide a poster on your gate ” Be aware of  dogs” so that it indulges a sense of fear in stalkers.

  • Neighbours 

    When you are planning to go out for vacations request your neighbors to look after your home and ask them to report you in unsafe conditions.

  • Don’t Advertise

    Don’t advertise your activities/things. Also when wearing ornaments try to cover them as much as possible because you will be targeted by burglars. It is advisable to cover  accessories  when shifting the house.

  • Gardening

    If you have garden around your home it’s better you do proper gardening or else burglars can easily hide where no one can spot them.

  • Lockers 

    It’s better if you maintain proper lockers at home to store valuables / cash. Also you can use bank locker facilities for the same.

  • Documents

    Sensitive Documents / Legal  Documents / certificates should not be left outside when you are going out for long term or short term vacations. Store them in  a proper place where no one can reach.

  • Extra/Spare Keys

    Don’t leave spare keys outside. Hide them in a right place. Remember, never put any identifying information on house keys. If you lose them, and someone else finds them, it would be fairly easy to trace them back to your home and break in. ­

  • Key Duplicates

    Prevent unauthorized key duplicates. It helps burglars to get a right key.

  • Change locks

    Tenants are highly recommended to change locks when occupying the house. There is no guarantee that old tenant have no keys for the lock provided by owner.

  • Glass Doors/Windows

    One can easily break into some glass doors/windows by simply breaking. It’s harder to secure them. They can be an inviting entry for burglars.

  • Lock Cars

    Every time when you parked your car ensure you have locked and no valuables like cash/laptops/mobiles/tablets left in car.

  • Housemaid

    You have to observe Housemaid/Driver/Watch Man activities properly.  As they have confidential information which can be highly useful for burglars.

  • Social Media

    Don’t share your vacation details through social media as it will be very easier for burglars to maintain information.

  • Penthouse /Stores/Garage

    Everyone has to give high prior to secure their Penthouse /Stores/Garage which is the main source for burglars.

Alarm Systems, Motion Detective Sensors, CCTV, Video Door Phone Monitoring System can reduce chances for burglars.

Renovation works should be done on right time without any delays.

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