Simple Safe Banking precautions for daily life

With all the debit and credit cards, online transactions etc., bank transactions have become part of everyday life. These services have created easy banking facilities along with the risk of cyber-crime. In such conditions, it is must for all to know safe baking tips which will reduce the risk of frauds and loses.

Precautions while using  Banking services:

  • While opening a bank account provide the right information
  • People who are staying in a rented house, make sure that you have to update your new address when you are shifting house
  • If you gonna change your mobile number which is linked to your bank account, update your new mobile number to your bank account
  • Never lose your account pass book/ cheque book
  • Don’t carry huge amounts by hand while going for bank transactions
  • Signature is the main thing which you have to maintain for transactions so choose the right one in a way it should be simple for you and typical for someone who wanna do forgery
  • No bank will call and ask you to provide your account details. So if anyone calls you saying that we are calling from bank to check your account details don’t provide any kind of information. In this case you please inform them that you will provide details by directly visiting the bank
  • Don’t believe Phone calls/emails seeking your account information saying that you have won some lottery
  • Don’t do any kind of account transactions with strangers
  • Monitor your things regularly

Precautions while using  Cheques:

  • Keep data recorded for all your cheque leaves while issuing to someone
  • When you are going to issue a cheque to someone, cross check your cheque before giving it
  • Always write the complete name of person or company
  • Amount written in numerical details and words need to match perfectly ( make sure you start writing from the extreme left in the given column and end with only in words and by a slash in numerics)
  • Never ever issue a blank cheque to anyone
  • Don’t sign your cheques without writing information
  • It’s better to provide account payee cheque instead of cash cheque

Precautions while using Automated Teller Machine (ATM):

  • Remember your pin
  • Don’t write your pin on your card/card pouch
  • Never disclose your pin to anyone
  • Change your pin regularly
  • Don’t allow strangers to perform your transactions at ATM
  • Don’t use ATM at night time in remote areas
  • Always stand closer to ATM when you are performing some transactions
  • If you are taking the receipt from ATM, shred before throwing it
  • After collecting cash from ATM check amount inside the cabin
  • Cancel your transaction page before leaving ATM
  • Link your mobile for ATM transactions
  • Report to your bank immediately if you lose ATM card
  • Make sure you have taken your card while leaving ATM

Precautions while using Online Banking Services:

  • Remember your username and password
  • Don’t disclose your password to anyone
  • Never save your username and password in your Computer / Mobile
  • Don’t use Internet Banking Services in Internet Cafe / Public places / Offices / Schools
  • Avoid using Internet Banking in others Computers / Mobiles
  • Check your URL whether it is http:// or https:// (https – hypertext transfer protocol secure)
  • Please use antivirus software in your PC
  • Keep your software up to date
  • Update your apps when you are using it in mobile
  • When you are performing online transactions check whether the website is trusted or not
  • Create a strong password everytime
  • Keep changing your passwords regularly
  • Link your mobile number and email for all online transactions
  • Monitor your account regularly
  • Don’t disclose your OTP to anyone
  • Please logout from your session after completing your transactions and close the browser
  • Don’t perform online transactions with strangers
  • If you feel anything wrong in your transactions, please contact your bank immediately
  • Contact your bank if you forgotten your password/username
  • Never save your Internet Banking Details in any websites

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