Internet and its influence on human life

In present time, Internet is the fastest growing technology by  its functions.

Internet has become the simplest and fastest source of information to many people at home, school and work.

Social media and mobile technology are the two innovations that have changed the way of using internet.

As per global media statistics June 2017, 51% (3.8 billion users)of the world’s population has internet access. 39% (2.9 billion users) of the world’s population uses social media. 66%(4.96 billion users) of the world’s population are mobile users.

Statistics clearly shows use of internet through mobile phones is higher in percentage of users.Social media is playing a vital role in this.

What is social media?? – It enables users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

How social media helping kids??

  • Social networks helps kids to get exposure towards important issues and people from all over the world.
  • It is also helpful in building relationships and strengthening their friendships.
  • Allows to do online learning, access to news and make online discussions.
  • Freedom of expression to share their views, thoughts.
  • To build knowledge in various concepts / technologies.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Gives them a chance to show case their knowledge and talent without any inhibitions and fears to the world.

How to keep your kids safe on internet?

  • Parents have to monitor their children activities on internet. Be aware of what your kids are doing online. Ask them to teach you if you don’t know what they are doing.
  • Parents have to maintain friendly relation with their children which will help them to share everything with parents.
  • Make kids learn that not to share any kind of personal or family information.
  • Ask them to to keep their password confidential.
  • Never allow children to make online transaction all by themselves . Parents/ guardians have to do the transactions after verifying the site.
  • Any junk or spam emails to be reported to you.
  • Make them understand that whatever they are watching online is not 100% real. Kids have lots of enthusiasm to experiment with the things which they have seen. So, in this aspect you have to be careful.
Finally what i can say is:
  • Allow kids to use internet only for a limited time which will prevent them to get addicted to it.
  • Help and monitor them in all the ways.
  • Never allow your kids to use internet without proper monitoring.
  • Engage them in physical activities to reduce their internet usage time.
  • Working parents should see that they spend enough time with their kids irrespective of their busy schedules. They have to plan outings on regular basis.

Safe tips for other Men and Women?

Men it’s your time to decide whether life with wife or wifi??😀

Keep waiting soon going to update!

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