Face The Problem Don’t Run Away Through Suicide

Suicide has turned out to be the most common thing nowadays. Failed in an exam – suicide. Girl/Boy friend said no to the proposal- suicide. Financial pressure – Suicide. Teacher/parent scolded- suicide.

These have become the most common news in today’s life. Is it that easy to end life? According to me, that’s the most difficult thing a human can do. While someone can dare to do such a difficult thing, why can’t they face situations and fight them? I don’t understand how ending life becomes a solution to any problem. I have come across many people personally and also through news and media saying or claiming “I tried to commit suicide / taking this step because I can’t face the problems” and many also state that “this is the only way to solve the problem”. The point I never understood is “How come SUICIDE become the ultimate solution to any problem”?

Suicide is NOT A SOLUTION to any sort of a problem a human can face. It is purely a way to RUN AWAY from problems. And running away from the problem makes it more complicated than it already is. The only way to clear the problem is to face it.

The most precious gift every living human on earth has is “sound of LUB-DUB“. Yes, the sound of your heartbeat. It indicates that you are alive. And why anyone wants to lose such a precious gift. We go crazy for the things we have with us be it be a small toy from childhood or be a dream bike. When we cross many ethical boundaries and fight for such materialistic things, then why should anyone give up their fight for most precious thing one has – “LIFE”.

I know saying things are much easier than doing them in real. But, is it not that worth to struggle to lead your life happily? Of course, for living fighting is worth, how harder and tougher it may be. The “LUB-DUB” sound is your treasure box. To save it from pirate called PROBLEMS, you have to fight every second and the fight is worth full. Animals fight for their lives until the last moment even when they don’t have the capability of thinking and making decisions. Then being human and having the capability to think, analyze, and decide. Why take such foolish steps?

Happiness lies in your perspective of viewing. For me, I am the happiest and content when I am able to sleep without any disturbance, tensions, thoughts and all – a complete sound sleep. Even a surprise gift or a blank check wouldn’t give me that level of happiness and content which a sound sleep can. If a person tries, one can find their happiness within them even when their brain gets stuck in the web of problems finding ways to get out.

Counseling can help

If you feel you are going into that path, don’t hesitate to share your feelings with someone, they may be strangers who are ready to listen or your close ones who understands you completely. Sometimes talking about the things out loud helps you to see them from a different perspective. If you are not ready to share, at least try to speak about them in front of a mirror. Taking help will never make you low. Every person needs help at some point in life. Even after a lot of effort from your side if you fail to suppress the suicidal feeling, please do consider taking help of psychologists/counselors. It is not a crime or a wrong thing to attend counseling.

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