Andarban: deep forest trek in karnataka

Andarban Trek

This is a deep forest trek situated 75 Kms away from Pune, Maharastra. As the monsoon has touched the country, its the best time to visit this place.  The trek starts from a valley point which is called independence point and ends at Bhira Dam.

one can thoroughly this deep forest trek during monsoon only. As the forest turns green and lively with all the running water falls and greenery. Before going to this trek one must take care of the following points.

Must know points-

  • One should be prepared to walk about 15kms of path which is full of elevations.
  • One should carry sufficient water(should last a tleast for two hours into trek, after that can be refilled near waterfalls if you go in monsoon) and snacks as they cant find anything in forest. 
  • For first time trekkers, trek shoes are must as there are routes where normal slippers/sandals can make you loose your grip.
  • If you are going during monsoon, never forget to make sure you have packed your jackets.
  • If you are planning on going out by your own with out any guide, make sure you have proper map facilities(don’t depend on mobile as there wont be network)
  • Start early so that before its too dark you can complete your trek or else it would be difficult to complete as deciding the routes becomes hard in darkness.
  • One can find many marks during the first half of the trek part, but there are very less marks in the second half, (after crossing the village) hence proper knowledge on the routes is must.
  • One wrong selection of path may lead you to get lost in the forest and once you lost the route tracing out the correct one becomes much harder.
  • Having one person who knows local language would be beneficial.

 Trek level: Beginner

Difficulty: 0%

Attraction points:

Nature, valleys, waterfalls, dam, flora


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